Our Inspiration

The Power of Story Telling, of Relationships, of well Designed Humanized Processes and Execution are the keys to the personal and professional success of Mr. Borges, our source of Inspiration.

Mr. Borges is the late Father of Sergio Frias, our CEO.

He was born in Portugal in 1924 and immigrated to Brazil in 1932.

He learned from his father the art of making Customers Happy, on their family business (General Store in a small city in the State of São Paulo). This is where he developed his capacity to interact with People, develop Relationships and Tell Stories.

Later he became an Accountant and a teacher, where he learned how to take the humanized and customized approach to each personal interaction.

When he became a Bank Manager, he learned the importance of the Processes and Execution to the success of business.

Mr. Borges approximately at age 22

Mr. Borges knew how to inspire !

When Sergio was about 8 years old, he used to go see Mr. Borges at the bank branch he used to manage. Sergio was amazed by how the Customers were well treated and how many stories Mr. Borges had to tell, informing and entertaining the Customers at the same time.

It was also very clear that the way Mr. Borges interacted with his employees was very special. Treating everyone with respect, offering them challenges and coaching at the same time. Always available to help his team to succeed. A True Servant Leader .

Sergio always knew he wanted to grow to be just like Mr. Borges.

Mr. Borges was not particularly good at Politics, particularly on the Corporate world, but still he made his way into a prominent leadership role in the bank due to this ability to develop Relationships, coupled with his administrative and executional competence. He was seen as the king of fixer-uppers. His job, for a long time, was to transform disfunctional and money losing bank branches into highly profitable, culture rich and great to work places.

Results driven by execution excellence and relationship building, powered by empathy and great leadership skills.

Sérgio Frias approximately at age 8

Mr. Borges knew how to make a difference !

About 35 years after Mr. Borges left one of the banches he managed, his former employees organized an event to pay him homage. Only then people learned how much he impacted people’s lives as individuals, as he quietly helped many of his employees.

When our CEO was about 10 years old, Mr. Borges taught him a lesson that took Sergio many years to fully understand. Mr. Borges once told him that “In life, what is important is to have stories to tell”. Many years of management experience brought the clarity needed to understand that phrase.

Sergio’s stories saved him from his childhood shyness and allowed him to better socialize. He was able to quickly adapt to the new tribes, as he had to start a new life every 2 years due to Mr. Borges need to move from town to town to do his work. In fact having stories to tell changed Sergio’s life.

Mr. Borges instilled a lot of self-confidence on Sergio and always supported his projects to learn more and spread his wings. Giving Sergio the chance to learn English as kid made all the difference on Sergio’s growth on his international career, reason why Sergio now lives in Canada, as a former Vice President at Bombardier.

Mr. Borges at age 95 and Sergio Frias at age 51

Mr. Borges survived his passing!

Mr. Borges is now gone, but his Legacy remains. Not only on his son, our CEO, but on the success achieved and the happiness found by so many people who had the privilege to know and learn from Mr. Borges.

His selfless legitimate concern about the others, his ability to connect people on a very personal level, his patience and courtesy while dealing with anybody, Customers or Employees and his power to captivate people’s attention with his stories, will not be lost in time.

His essence is what drives CX Hub to deliver the basics for anyone to produce their own transformation, based on the concepts Mr. Borges taught about performance, Customer and Employee Experience, abiding by his principles and values of friendship, respect, kindness, sharing, good humour, hard work, courage and empathy.

If you want to learn more about his stories and his accomplishments, send us a message and we will be glad to share.

Mr. Borges almost at age 97