What if you could provide your Customers with Memorable Experiences, that would trigger their Emotions to get them to come back for more?

The objective of the Bootcamp is to pave the way for the Leaders of Change to revolutionize the way their companies deliver Great Customer Experiences.

The Bootcamp summarizes the main steps to get Processes, Tools, People and Culture of the companies aligned with the purpose of delivering Great Customer Experiences. 

The Bootcamp is composed of 2 hour long live classes delivered in the evenings, during 5 consecutive days. In total it is a 10 hour long course that covers the mechanisms that create, fulfill, surpass and manage the Customers’ Expectations, as well as the mapping of the Customer Journey and promoting the changes to put the Customer in the center of everything the company does.

The Bootcamp is a compact version of the NICE Program, delivered all in one week.


Carolina campos

Marketing and Technology Director at Vesuvius

Ronald Torres

Diretor Geral da Rodobens Seguros


A mandala Nice

NICE is a People and Organization Development Program, composed of 8 modules, which purpose is to provide the Knowledge necessary for the Leaders of Change to Revolutionize the way their companies will deliver Great Customer Experiences, by way of a complete Transformation from an Operations Driven Company into a Customer Centric Organization.

Nice achives this objective using 6 basic principles:

Most of all NICE puts the Customer in the Center of everything your company does.

Enterprise  is a course for companies, including Classes and Consulting in one optimum customized package.

Bootcamp is the compact version of the NICE Program. Can be pre-recorded or Live classes.

Palestras is our way to share content in a compact and customized format. Our Keynote Speaker function

Consulting is for the companies that already understand the concepts of NICE, but need help on the implementation.

Pessoal is our Mentoring Program for those who want a personalized learning experience.


Sérgio Frias

Dr. Youssef Youssef

Fabiana Frias

Isabela Frias and Bruna Frias

Thiago Mendes