What other people think of CX Hub

Flávia Ferrari

Author and Host of Channel ‘Dica do Dia’ – YouTube

Libano Barroso

Presidente Rodobens

Carolina Campos

Marketing and Technology Director at Vesuvius

Daniel Araújo

Business Analyst at Netcracker Technology

Ronald Torres

Diretor Geral da Rodobens Seguros

Janez Hlebanja

Founder and President of Omni  Surfaces Corp

Ricardo Maltez

Mentor and Senior Leadership Consultant

Gabriel Calzado

Author and Founder of Mentor7 – Career Change Accelerator

Carlos Ottoboni

Dean at Technology College of Pompeia and  Agricultural  Technology Consultant

Luciana Seluque

Emotional Intelligence Expert  at Seluque Treinamentos

Marc Zirka

CEO of Strategy Up and Strategy Up Academy

Ewerton Silva

Technical Sales Representative at Wainbee, Toronto –  Canada