NICE Talks is another way you can have access to Customer Experience knowledge. Being part of a presential or virtual event, sharing knowledge, experiences and discussing pressing topics is something we love to do. You can hire CX Hub team to be a Keynote Speaker, a Moderator in a Panel, or Workshop, the presenter on a generic CX topic, like the ones suggested below, or one specific topic, crafted to fit your very specific needs (industry or business practices). All you have to do is to contact us, share your ideas and needs and we will provide something you and your teams will enjoy – a true learning opportunity.

1  New Possibilities in a World of Experiences: In this conversation we will discuss which are the new possibilities and careers that the Experience Economy is creating. We will talk about the profile of the professional of the future, more focused on the Customer Experiences and on the countless career development opportunities that this new way of managing businesses is bringing.We will talk about Innovation in Services, new Business Models, new Technologies and its application on the Customer Experience arena.

2  The Experience Economy: In this conversation we will explain what is Customer Experience andwe will understand, from a historic perspective of the evolution of the economy, how does the societies add value an how does this change the role of the leaders, of the consumers and technology, particularly in the new environment. We aim to understand the need for the professionals to adapt to this new environment and to the ever changing Customer profile and how to change the focus from the internal matters, the process, the operations and the product, to the focus on the Customer.

3  Technology Applied to the Customer Experience: In this conversation we will discuss the mostneeded balance between the application of technology and keeping the Experiences humanized. In other words, we will discuss how to humanize the Customer Services through the use of Technology. We will talk about whether or not the machines will take over humans’ jobs, and under this context, how can we provide those humans with super-powers so that they can deliver great Customer Experiences, through the use of Technology, allowing people to grow in this new marketplace.

4  The Leadership in a World of Experiences: In this conversation we will discuss how the profileof the Leadership must evolve so their organizations become really good on creating and delivering great Customer Experiences. What should be the profile of this new Leader to keep the Experiences as the main focus of the business. How Expectations are created on our Customers and how they can be met in this new business environment. What are the Expectations of the new Employees and the new Customers?

5  Service Recovery as a Growth Lever: In this conversation we will learn the importance of ServiceRecovery and how Disney uses it as part of its fundamentals for sustainable growth. We will understand the basic concepts behind the Recovery and how to apply those in real life. We will understand how to use Recovery to create and enhance Customer Loyalty, or even better, how to transform the Customers into Fans of your Brand. How this strategy (in some cases a way of life) can be used to maintain the sustainability of your business and how professionals can create the proper mindset for the Recovery to be applied.

6  The Right People at the Right Place: In this conversation we will discuss how important it is tofind the Right Person and bring them to the Right Place to increase their performance and their chances of delivering Great Customer Experiences. We will talk about how to map within the organization, people’s profiles and knowledge, so that we can re-alocate people to where they will be the happiest, the most productive and more focused on providing Memorable Experiences to our Customers. How to hire the adequate talent, how to develop them and how to keep them in your organization. In other words, we will talk about the Employee Experience and Diversity.

7  The True Meaning of Service: In this conversation we will discuss how to break the paradigm thatService to others is not something menial, subaltern, slavish, but something Noble. The idea is to understand the characteristics of the people who truly understand the meaning of Service and how they can be happier, more productive, and capable of delivering Great Customer Experiences. This discussion brings to the table the concept of Servant Leadership and Empathy, and allow us to understand who are our best people and how we can use those people to best represent our business in front of the Customers.

8  The Transformation to the Focus on the Customer: In this conversation we will discuss how totransform people and organizations from the focus on the operations, the Product and the Process, to the focus on the Customers. We will understand how to put the Customer in the center of everything the company does (the new paradigm). We will understand that Customer Experience is not a Department, but a Philosophy. We will talk about how to Review Processes, Update Tools (Technology), Develop People and Change the Culture to carry out the Transformation in an effective manner, discussing the role of the Leader in this process.

9  Customer Experience – The New Frontier in Business: In this conversation we will explainwhat is the Customer Experience and why it is such an important lever to the sustainability of the Business. We will discuss how the profile of the Customers is changing and how this is changing their Expectations regarding the quality of Service and its impact on the Customers lives. We will discuss how the most Technology Startups are created based on a failed or less than optimum Customer Experience and how this phenomenon will evolve over the next few years. We will talk about the opportunities that this new reality can bring to today’s professionals.

10  The Disney Magic and how it can change the business environment: In this conversation wewill explain that it is not the Magic that makes the work happen, but the work that makes the Magic happen. We will understand the principles used by Disney to have a Customer return rate almost twice as high as the Entertainment industry average. We will discuss how the support of the entire organiation is mandatory to get the Magic to work in a consistent manner all across the Customer Journey.

11  The Importance of Story-Telling and Staging: In this conversation we will understand thepower of Story-Telling and the creation of the scenery around the Customer so that his/hers Experience is truly immersive, in a way that they can feel like part of the story being told. We will discuss how the Customer becomes less objective and critical, the more they have emotional investment on the Experiences they are living. We will talk about how we can take advantage of the stories and the stage we create to play with the Customers’ emotions, that will create memories in the brains of the Customers, that will ultimately determine how they think, decide, behave and will talk about your brand.

12  The Role of the CXO (Chief Customer Experience Officer): In this conversation we willunderstand the role of the CXO, not as the manager of the Customer Experience Department, but the one that will orchestrate the actions of all other areas in the company so they contribute to the transformation to the focus on the Customer. We will talk about his/her role as a Catalyst, a Guide, an Enabler and the Provider of the Knowledge and Tools necessary for all the areas to transform themselves. We will see the CXO as the Guardian of the Customer Centricity Culture.

13  The Customer Journey Mapping: In this conversation we will understand that the CustomerJourney starts well before the Customer even thinks about purchasing something. We will verify that the Experience starts with the Power of the Brand, evolving to the company’s presence in Social Media, to its Marketing Mix and only then, to the traditional Sales, Contracting, Relationship Management, Delivery of the Product or Service, Aftermarket and even the Disposition of the assets. We will discuss how to map this Journey and how to define a hierarchy of priorities in terms of the solutions to the gaps identified.

14  Customer Experience in a Covid-19 World: In this conversation we will discuss how theCustomer Experience is being impacted by the Pandemic. We will understand what is the Customer Expectation regarding the Services during and after the Pandemic. We will understand that Customers will not let go the good old way of doing things, but they also got used to the new ways the businesses found to continue servicing their Customers during these challenging times. In other words, the Customers will want to keep the choice of taking the good old way and the new ways of doing business. So it is all about increasing the offering.