Our founder’s experience of 30 years, being 20 in the Aerospace industry, allowed him to create and successfully implement a people and organizational development program called NICE. The methodology used on this program, that operates a transformation on the way Customer Experience is understood and applied, was tested and approved by the amazing results it brings to the companies.

Originally this program takes 64 hours to complete, but we created a more convenient and affordable way to share this content with our Customers. The Bootcamp (the compact version of the NICE Program) is composed of 15 hours of concepts and methodologies presented to the participants, including polls, break out rooms discussions and questions & answers sessions. Currently the format is delivering these 15 hours in 5 classes.

Who this bootcamp is for?

This bootcamp is for those who want to transform themselves and the place they work. You can be a businessman or an employee in a company. Doesn’t matter your seniority level, the thing here is to get you ready for the battlefield out there. It is for those who want an opportunity to ascend in their career, using Customer Experience as the ladder, but most of all is for those who want to make a contribution to society by means of making people’s lives better delivering quality service, concurrently with great business results.

What if you could provide your Customers with Memorable Experiences, that would trigger their Emotions and get them coming back for more ? The NICE Bootcamp can help with that.

The objective of the Bootcamp is to pave the way for the Leaders of Change that will revolutionize the way their companies deliver Great Customer Experiences.

The Bootcamp is the compact version of the NICE Program, delivered all in one week.

It is a People and Organizational Development Program that enables the Transformation of Process/Operations driven companies into Customer Centric Organizations.

The Bootcamp summarizes the main steps to get Processes, Tools, People and Culture of the companies aligned with the purpose of delivering Great Customer Experiences.

The typical format of the Bootcamp is 2 hour long live classes delivered in the evening, during 5 consecutive days. In total it is a 10 hour long course that covers the 8 modules of the NICE Program.

Context: Understand where we are in terms of CX and identify the Gap between where we are and where we need to be.

Triple “A” Organization: A very hands on approach is needed to review the Processes, Update the Tools, Develop People and Change the Culture. In this module we discuss how and help to create the Action Plans.

Benchmarking: Figure out who are the companies that apply the best practices that we need to bridge the Gap identified in our CX Journey. Here we understand who defines our Customers’ Expectations for us to learn from them, ideally forming a Partnership with the Best in the Marketplace.

Knowledge Sharing: This module shows how we can map the knowledge inside our organization, so we can guarantee that this knowledge is available to all people that need it to deliver the Great Customer Experience.

CX Mapping: Here we discuss how to map the entire Customer Journey, to define a Hierarchy of Needs for improvements of our CX. This is a very comprehensive analysis to find out how our Customer’s Expectations are created by our Brand.

Right People at the Right Place: People that are happier and love what they do are much more productive and much more capable to deliver Great Customer Experiences. In this module we discuss how you can map people’s profiles to move them around to their place of highest performance.

The Essence of NICE: This module talks about the various levels of performance related to the Customers’ Expectations and how we have to develop our people for them to deliver Great Customer Experiences.

The True Meaning of Service: Here we learn that there is no higher Purpose than Service to Others, and how we can empower our people for them to meet the Customers Expectations.

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