Nos Bastidores da Disney

This book, like many others on the market, talks about what are the secrets of Disney that explain its long-term success and how it has become a benchmark in Customer Experience, but also in Customer loyalty.

Among the various books I read, this book is the easiest to digest. Reading is simple, objective and in fact very pleasant to do.

The book summarizes the secrets of Disney success through some basic lessons.

  1. Competitor is any company with which your Customer compares you – This means that the reference of good service for your Customer may not be in your industry, but it may be out and only by understanding this you have a chance to understand and meet your Customer’s expectations.
  2. Fantastic Attention to Detail – The book tells several stories about how Disney really cares about details, as these subtleties are what make the difference, both for employees (Cast Members) and for Customers (Guests), as it is in the details that Experiences are often destroyed. This means never letting reality show that Magic does not exist.
  3. Everyone Shows Enthusiasm – In this lesson the idea is that all team members have to be continuously involved in the processes of delivering a Magic Experience and can never leave their role on the stage where the Customer Experience takes place. This also means that how you act impacts the Customer more than what you say.
  4. Everything Shows Enthusiasm – Here the idea is the same as in the previous lesson, but applied to the scenario, that is, everything that is around Customers and that tells a story. Everything has to be aligned with the story being told and along with the second lesson, everything must be in perfect alignment with the message. The maintenance of the parks, the cleanliness, the connection with the other parts of the scenery are fundamental for Magic to happen.
  5. Multiple Listening Points – In this lesson, the idea is to ensure that you listen to what the Client has to say by various means. This means paying attention to their behavior, as the Client does not always voice their wishes or concerns. It is very important to understand Customer Expectations in order to have a chance to meet them. Eyes and ears are always very open to understand what the Clients expect for the actions to be proactive and not just reactive, because after the problem occurs, rectification or Recovery is more difficult.
  6. Reward, Recognition and Celebration – In this lesson it is clear how Disney gives importance to its employees (Cast Members), so that they are concerned with recognizing and rewarding the demonstrations of those who deliver the Customer Experience on a day-to-day basis. Celebrating success is also part of the package. In other words, the employee’s experience is fundamental for delivering an Excellent Customer Experience.
  7. All People Are Important – No, I didn’t write it wrong. In this lesson the idea is that if only one of the keys on your computer has a problem, even if there are another 70 keys working well, the message will not be the same. That is, each person in the process of creating Magic is very important. Only a bad tempered or poorly trained person can end Magic for a Client. They are all part of Magic.

In addition to the lessons, the book explains how to break the walls so that collaborative work can be used in favor of the creation of Magic.

Another very important part of the book is that it explains how Disney selects the people who will be part of its team. People are not interviewed, but evaluated in the performance of their role as a service provider, that is, instead of a static interview, it is a dynamic hearing. Disney hires attitudes and trains technical skills.

Enjoy the reading!

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