LinkedIn #3 – Top 10 Takeaways from Webinar “Happy Customers Bring Profits”

Chat with the Xperts #2

“Happy Customers bring Profits” Gisele Paula

On September 3rd. we had the second episode of the series of webinars “Chat with the Xperts”, starring Gisele Paula, a Brazilian expert that shared a lot about her experience and knowledge about Customer Experience. I collected below, from my perspective, the Top 10 takeaways from this great conversation.

1) The Customer is not always right, but he/she has his/her reasons. First you have to try to understand those reasons, before you determine whether the Customer is right or not. After you understand, try to find a way to solve the problem or to deliver what the Customer wants. If you really cannot deliver what the Customer wants, explain why not first, to say “No” later. Never all the way around.

2) When you have no choice but to say “No” to the Customer, do it with respect and do it with elegance, but most of all, use empathy to find the best way to say “No” in a way you can keep he/she as your Customer.

3) There are 5 types of companies when it comes to Customer Focus:

– Those that truly have the Customer in the center of everything they do;

– Those who honestly believe they have the Customer in the center of what they do, but they don’t;

– Those who know they don’t have the Customer in the center, but they say they do because it looks good;

– Those who don’t have the Customer in the center, but they want to;

– Those who simply don’t and don’t really care.

The trick here is how to deal with those who believe they have the Customer in the center of everything they do, but don’t actually have and don’t understand why Customers are always unhappy.

4) The website ReclameAqui, for which Gisele was one of the founders, in the beginning was seen as a threat to the companies in general, but over time it became clear that:

–       The companies that actually care about their Customers, they see ReclameAqui as an opportunity, as it becomes a great source of information about what the Customers actually think and a great opportunity to identify problems that they can address and change the Customer perspective. Amazon was given as an example of company that wants to work with ReclameAqui to improve its services.

–       The companies that do not actually care about the Customer, they still see ReclameAqui as a threat to their business. Too many examples to choose from.

5) The Instituto Cliente Feliz is Gisele Paula’s golden opportunity to help companies to never be featured at the complains website ReclameAqui. The idea is for her to share the experience she accumulated over many years listening to the Customers complains and understanding what really drove their dissatisfaction, which ultimately has a great value to the companies that are truly focused on delivering Great Customer Experiences. The ultimate measure of her success at the Instituto Cliente Feliz would be to put ReclameAqui out of business. Will she ever do it ? Likely not, but it doesn’t matter, as she loves the exercise of trying it.

6) During the pandemic, it is becoming more and more clear that the companies that have a true focus on the Customers suffered less with the slowdown in the economy compared to the other companies in its business segment. It is also expected that they will recover from the impact faster.

7) Those companies that develop a true connection with their Customers nurture natural anti-bodies within the Customer base that will protect them from attacks by unreasonable Customers that try to boycott their products and services. The Customers that are truly connected and loyal tend to weaken the attempts of certain entities to attack their preferred company. They won’t let the company they like to be “cancelled”.

8) Companies need to work hard to deliver to the promise, to satisfy their Customers or even to WOW their Customers, always taking Customer feedback very seriously to understand where their failures or gaps are, when it comes to delivering Great Customer Experiences, however the companies have to have well defined criteria to define the limit to such effort. Companies need to know when it is time to “cancel” their Customers that only drain resources, don’t add value and undermine their efforts to keep their employees engaged.

9) With the ever-increasing demand for Customization and the incredible volume of data available these days, humans, by themselves, will not cope with the growing speed of change on their Customers expectations. The technology is fundamental to provide humans with super-powers for them to be able to deliver Great Customer Experiences. Technologies shall not replace humans, but be the tools to allow them to become super-humans. Great quote from Arnaldo Bertolaccini (Customer Experience Director at iFoods) – “We need technology to humanize our services”.

10) Happy Customers bring Profits, because they do not create rework, they don’t return merchandize, not only they do not damage your company’s image, but they promote it, saving you tons of money in advertising. Happy Customers accept to pay a premium price for your products and services, because they see the return of this investment. Happy Customers keep coming back and they bring their friends.

In summary, not all Customers are good, but the vast majority are and they deserve not less than your best, your attention, your empathy, your true intent to make them happy and a solution to their wants and needs. If you succeed delivering Great Customer Experiences, they will reward you with loyalty, more business, free advertising, less rework, more efficiency and as a consequence, more Profit.

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