CX Driver: Courtesy in Customer Service

Do you feel more appreciated when someone say “hello” and welcome you when you walk in a retail store? How about when the reps listen with empathy and solve a problem you have, do you feel better after that?

These are examples of customer courtesy. Customer want to know that they are valued, and not just valuable. And customer courtesy is the fundamental to show customer you value them. Courtesy is not only about being friendly towards customers, it is also about being helpful, respected, enthusiastic, appropriate in choosing words and tone of voice, and keeping these consistent throughout the whole process of delivering your service.

So, what is customer courtesy?

Customer courtesy is the sum of behaviors that the customer service representatives use to show their customers they are respected, valued and being heard. Performing customer courtesy will help business build customer loyalty and encourage free promotion through positive word of mouth.

Why is courtesy important in customer experience?

#Build and maintain positive brand image

Your customer service representatives are your company’s brand image, meaning the way they perform service will shape the public’s perception of your business. Their manners represent the character of your company. If you want to build a positive image and retain your customers, your reps need to be patient, empathy, and above all else – courteous. Instead of delivering the minimum, build customer-centric culture that always offering above and beyond the customer expectation to keep them happy.

#Build customer positive experience and loyalty

A research by McKinsey shows that 70% of buying experiences are based on how the customers feel they are being treated. This also mean if customers are satisfied and happy with how they are treated, their experience will be positive. Hence, in order to deliver good experience and make customers happy, customer courtesy is the fundamental factor.

Now you may have a question: Why can courtesy form positive customer experience? Customer – like any other person – wants to be treated with respected and decency. Each time a customer satisfied with how they are being treated, a positive emotion is formed attached with that experience, which help them remember your brand longer than usual. If your reps consistently satisfy your customer, they will know you value and appreciate them individually. This will make your brand “top of mind” and come back for more good experience. And this is how brand build customer loyalty.

Free Promotion via Word of Mouth

A research by Ogilvy shows that 74% of consumers indicate that word of mouth is a key influencer in their purchasing decision, making word of mouth one of the most powerful resources in business. Courtesy is fundamental factor to provide exceptional service. And exceptional customer service, according to 81% of marketers, is the best way to facilitate positive word of mouth. Besides building brand reputation, word of mouth can generate leads and gain profit for your organization. Researcher found that 10% increase in word of mouth will lead to a rise of 0.2% to 1.5% in sales.


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