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How Convenience Can Improve Experience of Your Customer?

Do you know 80% of American consumers state that convenience is one of the most important factors of a positive customer experience? Customer Convenience is a wonderful measure of the quality of the Experience the Customer is having. It has to be simple. It has to be easy yet time-saving. In today’s world where customer experience is largely shaped by Gen Z and millennials, the experience is even more expected to be instant “anytime, anyhow, anywhere”. So how convenience is defined?

When business delivers the right information to the right person, at the right time, on the right platform, it is called convenience. So why convenience makes great customer experience?

Why Convenience is a critical factor in customer experience?

It is a human desire towards more convenient options. According to Antonio Perini, CEO of Milkman, human beings tend to choose the more convenient option when making intuitive decisions. This is applicable in the case of Amazon or Uber and Lyft. The emerging of Amazon changed the whole retail industry while Uber and Lyft alternate the way the traditional taxi industry works. These companies did not come up with the new products, they just deliver them in a more convenient way for customers, and look what happens. Customers are willing to pay more and are happier with what they have been offered. Amazon also leverages their service by offering Amazon Prime where customers pay an annual fee to receive their order in 1 to 2 business days. This is all about convenience.

How to become “more convenient”?

Reducing friction:

Simply put, friction is lengthy line checkout, many-step access, long-time delivery, or restricted payment methods. Friction kills customer experience as 87% of customers abandon their purchase if it is too complicated. So, reducing friction is top of the list when it comes to enhancing customer convenience.

Take away friction for your customer, whether it is adding multiple payment methods, instant access to the right information, one-click checkouts, or personalized service. Make it easy for customers to do business with you, and they will be happy and become loyal.


75% of people think self-service is a convenient way when they experience service issues. Self-service gives customers control and flexibility in the buying process, which is not surprising when 67% of people preferred self-service over speaking to customer reps. Enhancing self-service like chatbots, for example, or providing detailed and appropriate FAQ on your company website is a way to increase customer convenience.


Online store is greatly convenient. It gives people access anywhere and anytime during the day. One of the reasons why E-commerce is greatly growing is because people can shop at any hour per their convenience. So now you may have a question: “I can provide products in online stores, but what if I’m offering service?” You need to be where the customer is. This means removing barriers, being accessible, and offering an omnichannel experience that meets the needs of cross-device, cross-channel customers. Seamless transition across devices or channels is a great way to enhance access and offering consistent experience yet convenience to your customers.



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