Continuity / No Interruption

Great Customer Experiences require Continuity. The Customer cannot provide his/her identification 5 times to get what he/she needs.

Imagine that: you call the Customer Care lineto a SAC because the product/ service that you bought have some kind of problem. A guy answers and you have to provide your identificationgive your data to go on to explain your problem. When you finish explaining what your problem is, he tells you that he/she hasve to refer you to another person, because he isn’t doesn’t have capableility to help you. So, you, patiently, start to talk to another person, but then he/she interruptsed you and asks all your identification informationdata again… I can bet that this has already happened to you at least once in your lifetime. This kind of situation can damageleave a really bad reputation the image of your brand. From the Customer perspective, the feeling is like the Customer is just a number in a spreadsheet, not really important. In this case not even a number because the agents cannot recognize the Customer. It is not only annoying and inconvenient, but frequently, after having identify him/herself more than once, the Customer hears phrases like “Because you are a very special Customer, we have a special promotion for you. It sounds fake. The Customer will second guess anything your brand tells him/her, because on the most basic things your company lied to the Customer. May sound an exaggeration, but this is a real problem and the damage to the brand is real. These are the Customers that will easily move to another brand that simply recognizes them. Once the customer is recognized you must continue the customer assistance where you left off. If you can do this, the differentiation in the Customers’ eyes, will be clear and they will remember.

In thisat situation technology is what can save your businessere you can leverage the situation. The customer is already sensitive about the situation, he/she just wants to solve his/her problem as soon as possible, but don’t forget to empathize with your Customerclient, making sure that his/her problem was answered. This is the basic of the recovery process, you can’t provide an amazing customer experience without the continuity. All the courtesy and good vibes offered by the agent, will vanish the moment the next agent asks for their identification again. Good people are not enough to provide great Customer Experiences when the processes and tools are not there to support the great attitudes. If you cannot invest in the proper technology now, at least change the process to assure one agent passes the baton to the next without letting it fall in the ground. Make the Customers feel important that they will stay wwith your business.

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