#4 Slow Service

Speed is the name of the game. Younger Customers do not want to wait. They need fast responses, just like the “like” on the Apps they use. Customers are faced with many brands competing for their business, therefore, they prefer a company that is fast and efficient at getting things done. Customers also lack patience and cannot wait for too long. Often, customers reach out to brands if they are in need of something, which makes speed a very important factor. The purpose of a company is to solve a problem and make customer’s lives easier. Although it takes time to provide good service, it is important for companies to not only provide fast, but efficient service.

Sloth Service at Zootopia

One of the reasons why customers choose to not buy from a company is slow service. The reason why shopping online is so prevalent is that it is much faster and convenient to buy a product online instead of taking the time to go to a mall. Amazon prime is a fast service that allows customers minimal work to order products but at the same time, they are able to receive in only one or two days. Amazon Prime is an example of speed service and is a leader in the retail industry. A long lineup, a slow website, and a long delivery time are factors that would turn customers away from a company and may cause them to leave a bad review as well. If they need something, they need it fast and do not have time to waste. Speed allows companies to be memorable and fresh in customers’ minds.

The emergence of technology has allowed companies to be fast, it also increased the demand for speed. This includes responses to social media, emails, and phones. Customers expect a fast response. A survey, according to the article statedSurveys indicate that for most Customers, that speed is more important than professionalism, accuracy, and efficiency. A company would thrive if they utilized all of them and not only focused on one.

It is also important to highlight that slow service is not only bad for the Customer. Slow service means low productivity, waste of time and money with low efficiency. Fast service is not only the right thing to do to make Customers happy, but is a great way to boost the operations driven profits. Fast service also facilitates the purchases by impulse and avoids hesitation from the part of the Customer. A Customer in doubt whether the purchase is the right thing to do, if given time, will give up the purchase. Time kills deals, this is why fast service and speed is the name of the game.

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